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The “pajara”, typical construction in the Salento area is located in the characteristic Salento landscape. Once used as a temporary or daily shelter by farmers who, with many sacrifices, have snatched from the stingy land the necessary to survive together with their families; therefore these constructions are the most sacred testimonies of the peasant civilization.

Totally restructured, Villa Myrtos is surrounded by a luxuriant vegetation typical of the “Mediterranean scrub”, with intense colors and heady scents.

The myrtle and its incredible scent is everywhere followed by the laurel, the carob tree, the olive trees … the sea frames everything. Invasive, imposing.

You can smell it. Spectacular is the variation of the colors of nature. The pajara is the lookout of this enchanting garden.

While maintaining its original architectural characteristics, it has been given a new life with great effort by craftsmen faithful to the old stone and tuff working techniques.

Renovation has been done respecting its traditions, but embracing new styles, making it fresh, clean, bright, minimal, hospitable. Making it a perfect nest for those who love to experience the sea, nature, air, smells in total harmony with all that “Villa Myrtos” naturally offers. Perfect symbiosis between history and modernity.

For its position, the sea can be reached in 10 minutes on foot along the suggestive “path of the Cipolliane”.

The house

Inside, the house consists of three rooms: living area, bathroom and bedroom. Large, bright rooms.

The living area is the pajara itself: minimal, but equipped with every comfort: stove, dishwasher, large stone sink and a large and functional coutertop. Stone walls grouted in white lime. Candid white ceiling totally covered in wood supported by large beams.

The bathroom: large shower with glass wall. The sink is an old stone vat with an irregular shape, placed on a concrete surface. The large mirror framed by white sticks is a piece of furniture that makes the environment welcoming and relaxing.

The bedroom is the “Trullo”. Structure adjacent to the pajara. The two rooms connected by a passage built by large bricks in blinding white tuff. The Trullo is a typical conical dry stone construction. It too, like pajara, was historically used by farmers as a shelter or warehouse. At the apex of the cone an opening on the sky. A large door leads to the outside.

It will never seem to be either outside or inside. It is the inside that faces the outside, it is the outside that makes space inside. The bed is the only furniture. But it masters the whole space. Huge. Round. Totally in concrete with modern structure and large container compartment. A rope seat suspended in the air. The whole environment smells of lightness. Of romantic. Of peace.

Liveable in a simple and romantic way inside, outside in absolute symbiosis with nature. Wide spaces and sinuous paths intersect as in a dance. The large table at the foot of a centuries-old olive tree. It tastes like home. It feels like a party. It screams romantic. The pool blends in with the surrounding environment.

The pool

It is like a woman lying in the sun. A pond with an irregular perimeter. With soft round lines, as if to blend in with the designs of nature. Salt water, in total respect for the environment. As indeed the whole “Villa Myrtos” was conceived this way. It is the result of a great deal of work aimed at maintaining its original characteristics. Without the addition of any type of vegetation that interferes with that typical of the place. Just a great job of cleaning up the undergrowth by making a luxuriant, wild vegetation “breathe”. Breathing a place that has its originality of magic.

Its position is magical. Magical are the colors, its scent. This whole “nest” is magical with all its heavy history on its roofs. It has its uncertain rocks. It has its “live” paths that like snakes insinuate themselves among the vegetation. Magic is also the sea, the sea around. The sea everywhere!

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