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Il Lupo e La Rondine

By Il Lupo e La Rondine for BeeYond Travel

There are jobs that everyone knows, such as the doctor, the lawyer, the accountant. If a friend said, “I am an architect!” we would immediately imagine in our minds dealing with projects, houses and many, many drawings.

What if this same friend says, “I’m a travel agent or travel designer”, what would we think about?

Today let’s try to answer this question together. “What does the travel agent do?”

No, it is not just one who travels the world at advantageous prices, if that is what you are thinking, you are on the wrong track. That’s part of the job, perhaps the least relevant.

The travel agent plans, he plans everything.

He is the expert that people turn to when they want to travel. Traveling is a serious matter, and it should be treated as such. He studies the markets, deals with budgeting, juggles invoices and suppliers, studies new destinations and new targets to which direct the attention.

But with a little more magic. Planning a trip means, in most cases, fulfilling a dream.

The travel agent is an architect of dreams. When a family enters the agency or relies on an online professional, they want the year-round savings to be spent on a vacation they will remember forever. When a young man decides to leave, he expects his money to give him adventure, relaxation, art and fun. When a manager has to take a plane to a conference on the other side of the world, he does not want to think about anything but his job, expecting to find all the comforts on arrival.

We at BeeYond Travel have all the needs of our potential customer in mind. We know that our travelers want an unforgettable vacation, they wants to sleep in an out of the ordinary place, perhaps with swimming pool and sea view, the splendid sea of ​​Puglia.

Our customers want to taste the typical products and maybe learn how to make them and be able to make them back home even long after the vacation is over, they want to sail the sea on a yacht and enjoy the sunset, they want to be helped to create memories they can carry in their hearts forever.

Like any profession, travel agents also expect feedback, which is not just the reviews on the company website or on TripAdvisor.

Our most beautiful feedback is your smile, a smile that you will take home, a natural smile captured on photo forever, so beautiful that when people meet you on the street they will say: “Here it is, that beautiful vacation smile!“.

So going back to our question, it should be very clear what a travel agent does.

He is a professional, he is an expert planner, he is also a little psychologist which understand exactly what his travelers want, he is a friend and confidant.

A true travel agent is your travel companion, he will always be with you at all times during your vacation, making sure everything is perfect and magical.

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