BeeYond Travel at the BuyPuglia 2018: looking for authentic experiences

Here we are, we are back.

Yes, we had to “disappear”, but we believe we are completely justified.
When we decided to embark on the adventure called BeeYond Travel, we were certain of one thing: the Region Puglia that we would have proposed to our customers is one of the most beautiful in the world.
Unfortunately, however, this is not enough since we strive for tourism done in an impeccable way.

We need to plan, stay up to date, live the territory we “sell”, and fall in love with its flavors and its authenticity: this is the only way to create new and unique itineraries, capable of giving tourists an unforgettable experience.
For this reason, between 22nd and 26th October 2018, BeeYond Travel was present as Buyer at the 6th edition of the BuyPuglia 2018. The event, of international scope, attracts 120 buyers coming not only from the countries connected with direct flights to Puglia as Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, Russia and Turkey, but also from new market areas: Brazil, China, India, Argentina and America (here we are).

The goal is precisely to create new markets, with high development potential, in which to invest and to make known our beautiful Puglia.
The regional agency Pugliapromozione, the creator of the event, has put together for us buyers an intense program, but very constructive.
Three days of Educational Tour were waiting for us and then a day dedicated to the direct pre-scheduled meetings with the Apulian sellers.

We arrived in Bari on October 22nd and we got to explore the capital city of the Region at sunset, and then get lost in the streets of Bari Vecchia (the old historical town) with the evening lights on and when the historic center comes to life. Here, we spent the evening among street food, like the legendary sgagliozze (polenta´s fritters) made in Bari, open fruit and vegetable markets until late and the findings of the Museum of Santa Scolastica.

Second day: direction Valle d’Itria.
Martina Franca is always a pleasant surprise, but the funniest experience was that of improvising cheesemakers in a mozzarella and producing delicious dairy products. Ok, maybe not exactly perfect like the ones from the Maestro Casaro (master cheese maker), but the thrill of creating something with your own hands always gives a lot of satisfaction. Our travelers could do so if they choose one of the BeeYond Travel villas combined with our experiences for the next holidays …

We then wandered around the area to discover Ostuni, Cisternino and Locorotondo.
“But where do you go cycling?”

No, we are not crazy, it’s just that the Cycle Tour among the Trulli of Alberobello, UNESCO World Heritage makes us want to sing.

In the afternoon Taranto and the MARTANational Archaeological Museum where the famous golds (“gli ori di Taranto”) are kept: here we have breathed the history of this Region and of a city that was the only Spartan colony of Magna Grecia and that since then has a timeless charm.
The last day we left the port of Taranto in search of dolphins, yes, you got it right, there are dolphins in Puglia.

This region never ceases to amaze us.

October 26th was the day of B2B, meetings with tourism operators from Puglia with whom we discussed business, we shared ideas and we created contacts. We made sure our voice was heard letting them understands what your needs are because meeting and exceeding those needs is the first requirement for future collaborations.
We have met many a lot of valid Providers but we have realized that often they had very little clue on how to handle our Travelers. We also tested their English and sadly not everyone was up to par. This experience made us understand how important it is to be picky when selecting our providers and how important it is to stay always in sync our travelers’ mind, how important it is to empathize with them, understand their needs and build new experiences based on all these factors.
We have also reinforced our concept that it is impossible to do all this by ourselves: we need to network and during the BuyPuglia we have started friendships with serious and competent professionals.

Puglia as a therapy: a land that welcomes and that hardly lets go without having changed at least a little who lived and experienced this wonderful region even for just a few days.
BeeYond Travel wants to make you part of this therapy. You choose us, we orchestrate the rest.

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