BeeYond Travel on Amazing Puglia

The Magazine for those who are Proud to be, or feel, Pugliese

And we are super proud to be present on the renowned Puglian magazine that speaks about the region we love from different points of view and that gives the opportunity to companies like BeeYond Travel to be in the spotlight.

We come from the distant United States of America, but in our veins now  flows Pugliese blood and from this region we want to bring to the world the sought after 5-star Puglia, without forgetting to preserve the authenticity of this wonderful land, where the sea is combined with the sky and the days pass slow and perfect.

Amazing Puglia, in an interview with Felice Zumbo, founder of the company in cooperation with Paola Puzzovio from Salento Travel wanted to capture the mission of this partnership and will summarize it in the article on newsstands from July 1.

BeeYond Travel on Amazing Puglia

PDF version: Start-Up Amazing Puglia

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