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Remedy to Vacation and Anxiety

Welcome home!

that special something you need on vacation

Have you ever felt super excited to go on vacation and yet, anxious at the same time? We have good news for you! We will help you get to the root of the issue so you can go confident on your long deserved vacation leaving behind any anxiety.  

Why do I feel anxious right before my vacation

First of all, you are not the only one! Many people feel this anxiety before leaving for vacation. This is even truer for those people who tend to be in control of everything happening around them. Going on vacation is something absolutely beautiful because of the new places you will see, the people you will meet, the wonderful experiences just waiting for you to happen, the relax and the fun. 

All this is good stuff but it also means you have to explore the unknown and that is exactly why some people start to stress out. 

The trick? Familiarize with your itinerary before you leave, this will help you a great deal. Hard to believe? Let’s do a quick and simple experiment: picture yourself in a pitch dark room trying to find the door or the light switch…you will be most likely moving very slowly with your hands straight in front of you to feel any obstacles that might be in your way and afraid to trip over something. 

You get the idea right?

Now, picture the same situation but this dark room is your bedroom, you will be absolutely fine because here even in the darkness of the night, because it is a very familiar place and you know exactly where the door or the light switch is so you have nothing to fear.

The same concept can be applied for your vacation anxiety, the more familiar you are with the itinerary, the less stressed you will be.

Agriturismo Serafina

What else can you do to enjoy your vacation?

Easy! You need to carefully select and trust the company planning your vacation. A company like BeeYond Travel falls into the “boutique” Tour Operator category so that means we have chosen to work with fewer clients but service them completely from start to end. We have also chosen to only specialize in few selected regions of Italy: Puglia and Sicily so we can really focus on these areas.

What does this all mean? It means that we are able to add the personal element often missed and so important for you. It means we personally know every villa, every supplier and this allow us to better match your needs. 

In addition, we have chosen to only work with those suppliers who share our same vision because they truly are an extension of our Team.

Real people, real stories

An example is our latest addition to the Villas/Accommodations portfolio: Agriturismo Serafina in Otranto. We have personally known the family behind this oasis of paradise in one of the most idyllic area all over Italy and in the world. Although they have this incredible place, their accommodations are geared to a clientele different from our typical Traveller so we could not work together. 

Until now!!!

All this changed when they decided to build the first and only apartment which matches our Travellers needs. We could not be happier to add this apartment to our inventory because the apartment is only the beginning of your incredible vacation. Upon check-in, you will immediately feel “at home” and with “Family”; everything will feel right and now the circle is closed…you can “let go”, because there is nothing else that can stop you from having an amazing vacation. When you come back, you will be thanking us for connecting you with such amazing people and the out-of-this-world homemade pastries prepared directly by Gabriella daily.

Check out Serafina Luxury Apartment

Serafina Luxury in Otranto

  • Adults: 2
  • Size: 667ft²
Serafina Luxury Apartment near Otranto  5/5 Luxury apartment within Agriturismo Serafina, 667 square feet in size, pool view, private patio 2 Guests | Just 1.3 miles from Otranto. Serafina Luxury in Otranto Adults: 2 Size: 667ft² View: Pool Side Bed Type: Queen bed Categories: Luxury Apartment Amenities: Adults only, Air conditioning, Bathroom essentials, Bicycle, […]

Prices start at: $295 per night

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This is no ordinary vacation, Seven nights in Apulia to experience the thrill of winemaking from harvest to finished product.

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Salento is the ideal place to experience this pleasant slowness and take the time to truly enjoy farm to table cuisine

Winemaking Tour Puglia

Winemaking Tour Puglia?

Of course it’s possible


By BeeYond Travel

How many of you have you ever been part of something exceptional? Something you still remember?

Vacation is just relax

What if we told you that you will be working on your next vacation? Of course we are NOT joking! As matter of fact, we have never been so serious and this is what you can expect in our Winemaking Tour Puglia. We invite you to read on.  

A vacation as authentic as it gets

Creating a tour, means having a network of trusted suppliers married to our most important principle to be able to do something out of the ordinary and powerful enough to change you.

It means taking a bunch of calculated risks so we are always one step ahead to avoid disasters.

It means months and months of planning and continuous back and forth with our providers until everything is just perfect. Just like a good wine!

Wine is king

Winelovers will probably agree with us. Wine means sharing wonderful memories with friends and family, but our goal is not to convince those folks; we want give this opportunity to Travellers and let them embrace wine on vacation, a concept that goes far beyond drinking a nice bottle of wine.  

Harvesting Introductions on vacation

The wine tour is definitely among the top experiences available in this extraordinary region of Puglia. It is an experience that allow Travellers  to get an idea of what winemaking means. Few hours topped with a wine tasting. 

It is a beautiful experience and that is why it is one of the most popular experiences while on vacation in Puglia.  It is so popular, we always got interesting feedback. Since we LOVE to listen, we have decided to make this experience a bit longer…7 nights longer! 

What does it mean

We have managed to put together a seven nights vacation: The winemaking Tour Puglia. This tour will be focused in the area where the Primitivo di Manduria, renowned all over the world, is produced. You will spend your days harvesting, tasting the best Apulian products, visiting quaint villages, taking part in Ceramic workshop and much more.

A vacation package for winelovers, families, good friends, and all those Travellers looking for the next vacation with a twist.

Only 7 Departures for 2020

Harvesting and winemaking in Puglia happens usually from late Summer to early Fall, time is limited, the availability is limited and the first departure is set for August 29, 2020. 

Are you ready to be part of a celebration? Part of an amazing winemakers family? Ready to take home a very special gift? Waste no more time and click the picture below to read all about this one-of-a-kind vacation . 

The Puglia Therapy Tour

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Harvesting Grape by BeeYond Travel

Winemaking Tour Puglia

This is no ordinary vacation, Seven nights in Apulia to experience the thrill of winemaking from harvest to finished product.

Slow Dining in Puglia

Salento is the ideal place to experience this pleasant slowness and take the time to truly enjoy farm to table cuisine

Sunday lunch in Puglia

Add a place to the table

the Sunday lunch in Puglia

Il Lupo e La Rondine

In Puglia, people gather all together on Sunday for lunch. The whole week, everybody awaits nothing else but this moment.

It is the official “sacred” time when people make time to sit around a table to tell stories, talk about moments of past life and endless days of work.

We are used to hectic rhythms of life. Those rhythms, very often keep us away from the family, we have lunch at different times, and very often we meet only at the end of the day.

But why is Sunday in Puglia so important?

The day begins calmly, no alarm sounds, no particular burden. The delicious smell of ragù coming from the kitchen makes you wake up.

You get up, and you reach the mother in the kitchen who, the moment she sees you, she  gives you a kiss on the forehead (even if you are 40 years old 😊) and prepares you coffee.

Then the morning flows slowly, some people get ready to go to Mass,  others watch TV, go to the piazza (popular squares in Italy where people gather) to chat with friends, others decide to read a book. At lunchtime, the doorbell starts to ring like crazy: the members of the family return home, to get all together.

You sit at the table and the real party begins: a luculian lunch awaits the lucky diners.

Focaccia, taralli, bruschetta with tomato, and then the Sunday prince: the ragù. To complete a good dessert, coffee and liqueur.

Sunday lunch is slow. You sit at a certain hour but you don’t get up for at least three hours. It is now late afternoon, and the day has passed lightly, between chatter and smiles.

How nice would it be to relive one of these typically Apulian moments on vacation? We at Beeyond Travel want to give you this Apulian dream. We want you to sit at the table with us, we want you to taste the same ragù prepared by our mothers, we want to invite you to our home.

There is nothing better than returning to your home and tell everyone that you have been to an Apulian lunch. It is a serious matter!

Our idea is to offer you an absolutely authentic, unprecedented gastronomic experience. We will welcome you among the olive trees and vineyards of the Itria Valley, in the beating heart of Puglia. That true soul that made Puglia one of the most sought-after regions.

Sunday lunch is part of that Italian style that is so popular abroad, it is that part that makes people from Puglia so unique.

As we move along, from time to time, we will be presenting the experiences we offer. We call them “puzzle pieces”. Have you ever worked on a puzzle? The most beautiful puzzles have a lot of pieces, it takes a long time and patience to put all the pieces together, but the smile on your face when you put that last piece of the puzzle in place, stretches from ear to ear. Doesn’t it?

When we put together a vacation, we use the best “puzzle pieces” so even if for a short time, we want you to feel like you are living a dream while you are on vacation. In Puglia this is possible!

This post is all about the importance of the Sunday lunch in Puglia, so we have decided to start with an experience that, in our opinion, sums up what it means to enjoy life: The Sunday Lunch! Click below to get an idea of what it means to sit at the lunch table in Puglia.

So, should we add a seat at the table for you?

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Harvesting Grape by BeeYond Travel

Winemaking Tour Puglia

This is no ordinary vacation, Seven nights in Apulia to experience the thrill of winemaking from harvest to finished product.

Slow Dining in Puglia

Salento is the ideal place to experience this pleasant slowness and take the time to truly enjoy farm to table cuisine

Puglia, much more than Caribbean beach

Puglia, much more than beach

Everything will be ok! In the mean time, let us show you the destination for next vacation

By BeeYond Travel

Let’s stay Home, for now!!!
It started like any other news but in a matter of a couple week, we have all realized this is big.

Keeping it positive is in our DNA and we have no doubts #everything-will-be-all-right

However, we must all do our part so that we can all go back to our extraordinary lives. 

It seems quite impossible for us to say: “let’s stay home”, we at BeeYond Travel, traveling is what makes us who we are.

It makes us free, it makes us better, it allows us to explore, appreciate, share, wonder, enjoy, give, receive, embrace; so, staying home, are difficult words for us to say.

We have often said that we are always dreaming, but our feet are firmly anchored to the ground.

 Now, more than ever, we understand that given the circumstances, it is very important we all contribute to make sure the situation goes back to normal as fast as possible.

We must do this for us and for the people we love.   

Who does not want to be able to hug, shake hands, show gratitude to the people we meet along the way?

Do you see a different world in the future? We don’t!  

In the mean time, let’s all take a moment to appreciate what we have, the beautiful world we live in and the beauty that is all around us. 

We will help you!

Our goal is to anticipate what your next vacation will be like. 

The ones who have chosen to travel with us in the past, are fully aware BeeYond Travel is all about authentic experiences because we believe only those, will be able to generate unforgettable memories. The kind of memories you could write a book about.  

We have chosen Puglia for your unforgettable vacation, because it is the one region that has everything you need to be happy. 

No matter the season, here you will find all your planets aligned and fantastic people you will be calling friends for the rest of your life.

Take the opportunity to reach out to us now by filling out the form you will find on the following page: Signature Puglia Tours

We will put together your unforgettable vacation based on what makes you happy, wether it is Food, Art, Relax, Wellness, Artisanship, Wine…you name it…we have it!

In the mean time, enjoy our video below, no filters, just as authentic as our desire to send you to the amazing Puglia region. 


Millenary Olive Tree Puglia
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Harvesting Grape by BeeYond Travel

Winemaking Tour Puglia

This is no ordinary vacation, Seven nights in Apulia to experience the thrill of winemaking from harvest to finished product.

Slow Dining in Puglia

Salento is the ideal place to experience this pleasant slowness and take the time to truly enjoy farm to table cuisine

What do they eat in Puglia?

What do they eat in Puglia?

Is Puglia a true culinary destination?

Il Lupo e La Rondine

By Il Lupo e La Rondine for BeeYond Travel

It is now known that Puglia is one of the most popular destinations of the moment, and the “Apulians” are insanely grateful to the world for this.

We are sure they don’t mind to be in the spotlight, especially when they are asked to show the world what they do best.

You are wondering, what is it that they do best, right?

But cooking, of course!

Food here is tradition, culture, it is part of their daily lives. Even the National Geographic, one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational institutions in the world, has also picked up on this. They were so intrigued by this food habit that they dedicated this beautiful article to the region.

In short, National Geographic highlighted the qualities of the Apulian cuisine including the sustainability of the production processes of raw materials, the primacy of excellence of raw fish, and the simplicity of the ingredients of the best known recipes.

In the article, the author named five must-eat items in Puglia: the Apulian Focaccia, the Apulian mozzarella, the wine, mainly red and intense – just think of Primitivo di Manduria,  orecchiette pasta with turnip greens (cime di rapa) and of course fish.

So, what do they also eat in Puglia? Since we know Puglia inside out, we hope the National Geographic will not mind if we add four more dishes to the list.

Paste di Mandorla

They are the queens of the holidays in Puglia. They are also given away for weddings in some towns. Very famous are those of Turi, in the province of Bari, which are real miniature works of art. For the almond, the choice should fall only and exclusively on the Almond of Toritto (BA), a Slow Food presidium. An almond of ancient origins and with very valuable organoleptic properties.


His majesty the panzerotto, we would add. In Puglia he is a real companion of adventures, of evenings with friends. It is a gastronomic street food specialty, a circle of stuffed pasta, closed on itself to form a crescent moon, typical of the regions of central and southern Italy.


Just say this word in Puglia and Sunday lunch immediately comes to mind, when the whole family comes together waiting to taste a nice plate of veal chops, meat rolls with garlic and parsley, cooked in tomato sauce.

Patate, Riso e Cozze

The famous tiella barese, made with rice, potatoes and mussels, in fact. Three simple ingredients, but which, combined, create one of the tastiest dishes of the Apulian cuisine.

In short, whatever they eat in Puglia seems to be a dish to absolutely try.

You just have to book your stay, perhaps choosing one of the amazing BeeYond Travel villas, where, after taking part in a cooking class – always by BeeYond Travel – you can actually try preparing one of the dishes listed above and offer it to your friends & family, on a warm summer evening to spend by the pool in the beautiful Puglia.

We really like this idea. What do you think about it?

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