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Family Reunion, meet up again in Puglia for Vacation

In these first days of spring, if you are lucky, raising your eyes to the sky you can see flocks of swallows that come back after the long winter.

It is a fascinating spectacle that fills the heart with hope: the beautiful days are coming back, let’s get ready.

The return of the swallows is a moment of joy and serenity and we imagine that many of you have experienced this sensation.

No, we are not swallows, obviously, but how many times have we found ourselves looking up while waiting for a plane to land that brings home a family member who works or lives far away?

And who returns, does not feel a little like a small swallow who finally returns home, to find the nest he had left?

Airports and stations are places that could tell millions of these stories, tears of joy and long hugs.

Summer is the time when those who return home do not do it for a simple vacation, they want to embrace their origins and recharge their batteries.

In Puglia, the Family Reunions, are a real village festival: Everybody is called: cousins, second and third degree uncles, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. All ready to have fun, tell old anecdotes, stories of past lives.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to even meet in another part of the world, a place that no one has ever seen and live it together, like a family?

Obviously, our advice is, also in this case, to choose Puglia: the BeeYond Travel villas have numerous beds and ensure the necessary privacy and tranquility that these moments deserve.

Waking up together, having breakfast, going to the beach, and then in the evening enjoying a barbecue in the moonlight: all these elements would make any family reunion unforgettable.

There are experiences that can be made here in Puglia that would strengthen ties that maybe the distance has weakened: gathering fresh fruits and vegetables and preparing them for lunch, perhaps after having learned to make orecchiette, the classic Apulian pasta. And then excursions in wonderful cities of art or in small villages, where you can lose yourself in the intricate streets and meet again in the only square of the village, perhaps led by the band that plays in honor of the Patron Saint.

No, it’s not a dream.

Now we understand why swallows always come back: they are doing well in Puglia and you and your family could say the same thing if you chose all this beauty for your holidays.

Not all that glitters is gold: OTA vs Tour Operators in the era of Tourism 2.0

Not all that glitters is gold:

OTAs vs Tour Operators in the era of Tourism 2.0

Il Lupo e La Rondine

By Il Lupo e La Rondine for BeeYond Travel

Tourism is changing.
The data coming from the BIT, the “Borsa Internazionale del Turismo (International Tourism Exchange) that took place in Milan from 10 to 12 February, is an essential event for all tourism operators.
Ok, but how is it changing?
The most evident transformation is the one linked to the digitalization of businesses and tourism services.
Even the travel business has been absorbed by the pressing technological progress of the most recent years. The sector most affected by this new phase undoubtedly affects the Travel Agencies and Tour Operators.
The typical 2.0 Tourists book online travel, they gather information on-line, they book restaurants, experiences, and entrances to the main attractions.
In short, they are able to create a trip by themselves, a real custom vacation that is totally in line with their tastes and their expectations, without undergoing any market or sales logic.

At first, it might seem that this change of direction against the travel agencies is all in favor of the tourist, but is all that glitters gold?
The advent of OTAs, the online travel agencies such as Booking, HomeAway, Expedia has greatly facilitated the process of adaptation to the present times, this is a fact, but are we really sure that these channels are one hundred percent reliable?
The algorithms that regulate them allow us to find only the most chosen itineraries by travelers, thus proposing standardized and already been-there-done-that trips.
Among accommodations, for instance, you will find will only the most clicked ones, putting aside small hidden gems that simply have less luck online.
Where is the authenticity in all this?

The answer to this question is simple: there is not.
Only companies like BeeYond Travel can “sew” a trip on you like a perfect suit because they know the territory that they are selling and love it.
Here, the difference lies completely in one single word: passion, the uncontrollable desire to tell a land, in our case Puglia, through its traditions, its artistic beauties, its culinary art.
We partner with the local tour operator Salento Travel to protect you from unpleasant surprises. Enough with fake reviews on TripAdvisor!!!
These fake reviews just ruin the reputation of many structures, but also ruin the reputation of the area itself, just because on TripAdvisor someone said that in that particular area of ​​the world everyone is rude, the food is bad, etc …

We would also never dream of cutting costs at the expense of our travelers; you can now find everything on the OTAs but have you ever wondered if the operator who offers a certain experience is covered by insurance? If all those people offering you food tasting experiences have the HACCP certificate? Guarantee that you will not get sick because of poorly managed food? Yes, we know…you should not worry about these things but it is important for you to know how important it is to rely exclusively on certified professionals because your experience and your health may be at risk.

We go beyond making sure that everything checks both professionally and legally, we personally test the experiences and only those able to engage us emotionally will be proposed… we do not sell cheap properties, nor cheap experiences, we sell them at the right price because we do not believe shortcuts and above all, we do not believe in the “hit and run tourism” phenomenon, unfortunately so fashionable nowadays. Just check out the pictures below to see us in action when selecting your experiences.

Our best reviews are the smiles of our customers when they return home satisfied and able to bring with them the desire to tell a beautiful and authentic story to friends and relatives, not to the world wide web.

We promise you a smooth holiday, tailor-made for you. For us, creating a trip is like inviting a traveler to our home: we will prepare everything before hands so you can feel pampered.

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A Magic Christmas in Puglia

December is at the door and, needless to say it, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of this month is undoubtedly
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Vacation in a Luxury Villa in Italy and more

A luxury vacation in Puglia Italy would certainly be nice. A vacation in a luxury villa near the beach in amazing Otranto or Leuca, or in Puglia countryside like Cursi, Galatone, Alliste, Ostuni, Vitigliano, Torre Suda, Morciano di Leuca. We are aware you have never even heard some of the locations we offer and that is perfectly fine. Actually, we have a good explanation for our strategy and here we explain it.

You see, going on vacation should not be considered another expense; going on vacation is much more than that. Going on a vacation in Italy and more specifically in Puglia is an investment in yourself. The moment you reach out to a company like BeeYond Travel to plan your vacation to Italy in one of the breathtaking hamlets in Puglia; you have already materialized an enrichment that goes beyond a nice beach or a villa with a pool where you can take some selfies.

Going on vacation in Puglia means getting “equipped” with a new set of eyes…ours, because we will make sure to propose you things you would not know otherwise. We will tell you where to go, what to see, what to eat, the best spot to take in that gorgeous sunrise or the rich and calming sunset in Puglia.

The difference between Beeyond Travel and many other companies is simple but very important. We have already experienced everything we offer, we have tested that single activity, that town you have never heard of, and on top of that, we select the people we connect you with along the way. A combination of all these elements will leave you something which will change your entire perspective on the word vacation and the reason why you go on vacation.

Our luxury villas in Puglia are just the inspiration for your next trip because we know even the most luxurious villa in Italy alone will not be able to make you return home changed. In the end, thanks to the new “set of eyes” we gave you, you will understand what a vacation is all about and you will be thankful to have made that first call to book memories, not just a villa.

Ready for some inspiration for your trip? Easy: Click the map below and check out our luxury Italian villas for rent in Puglia Italy for an authentic experience.

Now, congratulate yourself on taking the most important step to connect with us 😉




A Magic Christmas in Puglia

December is at the door and, needless to say it, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of this month is undoubtedly Christmas.

The cities are covered with lights and colors and the sparkling and chilly air in the evening is mitigated by the warmth of a celebration that everyone eagerly awaits.

Maybe you won’t believe it, but in our beloved Puglia, even Christmas time is great for treating yourself to a holiday right here.

Mercatini di Natale in Puglia

The mild climate and the usual warm welcome of the Pugliesi people make the days before the holidays even more magical, mesmerized between the beauty of the Apulian villages lit up for the Holidays and the scent of food that invades the streets.

Here at Christmas time, throughout the region it seems that a single table is set up that goes from north to south of the heel of the boot and invites all travelers and visitors to sit down and celebrate together.

On the table cartellate, pettole, taralli and succulent main course dishes.

Yes, many jokes regarding our endless lunches but, dear travelers, try to sit down once at the table of a Pugliese family at Christmas and you’ll be looking forward to coming back next year.

There are also numerous Christmas events organized in the various cities: the New Year’s Eve in Piazza del Ferrarese in Bari is a must for example.

Those who choose Salento as a destination for the upcoming holidays, can not miss the opportunity to visit the suggestive Living Nativity of Tricase (LE) and the monumental Nativity which every year adorns the Roman Amphitheater in Piazza Sant’Oronzo in Lecce.

On December 24 in Specchia is the day of the Pittula Festival, one of the oldest renewing itself for about thirty years. The pittule are typical frittelle salentine made with flour and oil and sometimes stuffed with tomatoes, turnips or olives.

So we advise you to hurry up, you are still in time to come and experience a Christmas in Puglia.

Down in Salento the elegance of Residenza DePietro will welcome you in Cursi,


The reassuring Villa Elena‘s tower will welcome you in Galatone


The chic Casa degli Affetti will welcome you in Vitigliano


And the charm of ancient and modern blend of Palazzo San Giovanni will welcome you in Morciano di Leuca.


As always it is not up to us to convince you to choose Puglia for your vacation, we know in your heart, we Puglia is already on your wish list.

And if you really can not make it for this Christmas, there’s a whole New Year, 2019, to make it happen. All you have to do is contact us and, perhaps, this year under the Christmas tree you will find a vacation by BeeYond Travel.


Palazzo San Giovanni a special place in Puglia

Thanksgiving, our favorite Holiday of all. This Holiday is not about the gifts, it is not about the stress, it is not about the rush-rush; no…this Holiday is all about family and friends, something very important and especially in Italy where the gatherings assume a very deep meaning. One conception the world has about Italy is that we eat, eat and eat; but trust us friends, it is not just about the food, it is about the famous “giving” so celebrated on Thanksgiving Day. The giving which can simply be a good laugh, a good advise, an ear to listen, a landing hand, sharing a healthy meal with the family, the friends and all the ones we love. Italy has mastered this so much that still now down south and of course in Puglia, this does not happen just on Thanksgiving Day, it happens every day, naturally! 

On such special day we could not spare you from surprising yet once again with another amazing property: Palazzo San Giovanni in Morciano di Leuca Puglia 

This is the kind of place you can envision yourself along with your family and friends celebrate Holidays and Fun…all year long. This is among the few properties available anytime of the year and we at BeeYond Travel are so proud to offer you such place because we have seen it and we relived the atmosphere of milling the oil in the trappeti, ancient oil mills that surround the building. We have felt the strength of the Lecce stone of the fireplaces that are in the rooms. We perceived the skill of the sculptors who created the star vault of the breakfast room with that same Lecce stone. All this has the infinite power to bring you back in time where you can reconnect with your root, re-energize and be thankful for what we have.

You can see all pictures and details about Palazzo San Giovanni  by clicking this link:  https://goo.gl/5CztmJ

With a humble heart, to our discerning travelers we say Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Traveling.


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