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By BeeYond Travel

When we travelled for the first time to Otranto, we were immediately captured by the stunning beauty of the quaint little town which ranks year after year as one of the most beautiful Italian hamlets.

Salento - land of the sun, the sea and the wind

We were puzzled! We could not understand why Italians would want to travel anywhere else in the world when they had so much beauty, rich art, amazing architecture, exceptional food, craftsmanship and traditions dating back centuries. Italians had all this and much more in their own backyard but still, vacation to them had to be a far away place. We felt it right away… Puglia, was a place our clients would fall in love with and so we decided to start our incredible adventure in Lecce. The same city Dior picked for its collection: Cruise 2021.

We want to share this moment with you because it is a very powerful statement of this luxurious region and yet so simple, just like some of the dresses Dior has presented to the whole world from Lecce, from the Florence of the south. Dresses so simple and yet of a disarming beauty! It is a reflection of this region and we cannot wait for everyone to travel again freely and be able to witness such beauty.

For now, seat back and relax with this amazing collection by Dior, let the lights of the luminarie lights (the typical lights so popular in Puglia) mesmerize and the sound of the taranta (the popular dance) activate every single neuron because Puglia is much more than a vacation!

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