Happy Ferragosto from BeeYond Travel from Salento Puglia

We have reached the halfway point of summer 2018, tomorrow is Ferragosto, it’s time to pull off the plug and enjoy the last days of the summer, it’s time to leave, it’s time to forget all the paperwork in the office. It’s time to get your five-star holiday.

It’s time to go after the best you can imagine, because Ferragosto is not a melancholic day, but it’s the beginning of the days you wait for all year long: it’s the fulfillment of a promise you’ve made to yourself every day this past year awaiting the long desired vacation: “This year will be special!”, you have repeated it several times, we at BeeYond Travel know it.

We wish you an unforgettable “Ferragosto” (mid-August), made of bites to a slice of ice-cold watermelon lying on a beautiful white sandy beach…maybe in sought-after Salento.
Your only concern will be to have no worries.

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