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Harvesting and Winemaking Tour

Winemaking Tour Puglia

Loving wine is passion and desire. To love it, however, you must know it, respect it, know every facet of it. This is exactly what a wine lover does: he studies, knows, respects and loves the wine he is tasting for the first time. What if this long but pleasant meeting process between the wine lover and the wine were the central focus of your vacation in Puglia?

With our winemaking tour Puglia you will experience the thrill of winemaking from harvesting to the finished product, all in a magical setting the Apulian countryside can provide you. Ready to let yourself be inebriated by the scent of our wine and the beauty of this land?

The Harvest yesterday

In the past, men and women gathered in the fields to work with a single goal: the vineyards were filled with friends, acquaintances, relatives, neighbors, ready to work and then share a final banquet in simplicity and cheerfulness. For farmers (and not only) the harvest represented an opportunity to share with others an entire year of effort and work not always paid off properly (for example due to sudden hailstorms or adverse weather events). The harvest was also attended by children, who filled the countryside with cheerful laughter while the older children taught them how to pick grapes from the branches without ruining it. Each family started out in the countryside at dawn, and work continued until lunchtime.

The Importance of winemaking in Puglia

The historical and anthropological value dates back to antiquity. In the Apulian social and economic culture, the harvest, which takes place with a ritual handed down from generation to generation, is an annual event that is based on the peasant tradition and the sharing of the territory.

The importance of this tour

The smell of the must (fresh squeezed grape juice) is something you will remember forever, along with the experiences bundled into this tour. We wanted you to feel part of something big, part of a family that puts a lot of work the whole year waiting for this moment…the harvest. It is during harvesting that you truly return to the origins; and once there, it will be easier to understand what the true luxury is today.

So…Buona Vendemmia!

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Winemaking Tour by BeeYond Travel

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