Pajare, old stone houses guardians of simple life

Dear friends, this week we like to go off track a bit but for a good reason.

Yesterday, while I was jogging in the countryside just outside Lecce with a good friend of mine from the area, I was listening to him talking about an old “Pajara” (old stone house typical in the Salento) in the area and it sparked my enthusiasm.

He said to me: “you know, it is not far from here, you want to go?”, I said YES right away.

So, right, left, left, straight through a dense forest of Lecci (Quercus ilex) that extends for about 60 ha and about 20 minutes later there it is the “Pagliarone”, used by the farmers of Salento as a place to rest after a busy day of work or to escape a sudden storm, the pajare, often, served also as real summer homes, ideal for close monitoring, both the livestock and the most delicate crops.

Built, tendentially, conical, interlocking and overlapping stones of dimensions also very different from each other, the pajare are a real architectural gem, characterized by the peculiarity of the roof that is supported by the stones that form the side walls and by the force of gravity.

In addition, the pajare have the ability to keep the environment cool and dry, even during the hottest hours and in the presence of torrid and intense temperatures.

I could not resist and I had to climb up to the roof from the exterior stone steps and once up there, the feeling of peace, infinity, and serenity immediately took over. It was luxury!!! The green sneaker you see in one of the pictures is mine, proof of that special moment I experienced.

Among my future goals for BeeYond Travel is to find a restored group of “Pajare” and add them to my portfolio so you can experience simple authentic living at its best and feel truly connected with the entire universe.

Until then, stay healthy and safe travels my friends.

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