Post-vacation syndrome? Come to Puglia!

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It’s true, the infamous September has arrived. And as every year, the season of shorter days, the mornings in the office and the evenings in front of the television to follow a TV series on Netflix is upon us.

The long walks on the beach, the sunset cocktails with friends, the tanning that makes us more beautiful, the nights that never end and the awakening the next day to have breakfast outside, maybe in one of the gardens of our luxury villas, they seem a distant memory.

Paraphrasing the Negramaro, historic Lecce music band, all these things are the sign of a summer that I wish would never end.

post vacation syndrome
Yet it is about to end. So no depression, but a lot of willpower to recover from the post-vacation syndrome.

We at BeeYond Travel want to give you some tips to overcome this sense of powerlessness in the face of the routine that resurfaces overwhelmingly in our lives:

1) Aim for a gradual adaptation and not be anxious to resume the rhythm in one day.
2) Have this thought in mind: “Summer holidays are over, but there are many weekends during the year to travel!”;
3) Try not to achieve all the objectives set during the month of September. There’s time;
4) Take care of yourself. How about starting a the gym also to relieve you from the few extra pounds gained over the holidays?
5) Pay attention to the diet and drink a lot;
6) Don’t let the traffic of the city destabilize your psychological balance: listen to music and relax.

And if you really do not like these tips, well, then come again to Puglia for a little more.

post vacation syndrome2
Here the still warm climate will allow you to go to the beach again and again. September weekends are ideal for enjoying our beaches and, moreover, this is the period of patronal festivals and village festivals. In the evening the streets are swarming with people and locals are open until late.
BeeYond Travel obviously will take care of the accommodation.

Think about it for a moment: September is a beautiful month after all. Post-vacation Syndrome apart, it is the month in which all plans are made, the month of committing to all promises. It is the month in which friends meet and the evenings are still long enough to avoid, at least for a while, hiding in the house.

And, on weekends, you could be in Puglia. In short, is there a better month than September?

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