Slow Dining Experience (Lecce)

Slow Tasting Menu Dining Experience Puglia of typical and revisited dishes. A dialogue between yesterday and today, ancient recipes and local raw materials.

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Slow Tasting Menu Dining Experience Puglia to indulge in this one-of-a-kind artisanal restaurant. Located between Porta Napoli and Porta Rudiae, two of the three ancient gates of the city of Lecce, 63 Osteria Contemporanea is considered to be an open window on the gastronomic past of Salento and Puglia. The Osteria was born from an all-female project and offers its guests the possibility of a slow walk through the lost flavors, through the recovery of ancient recipes taken from precious family recipe books, handed down from mother to daughter. Just as the grandmothers did, each dish reflects the tradition and it is handmade: bread, pasta and desserts are all prepared in the small kitchen and all raw materials come from small local suppliers who guarantee and foster ancient varieties of cereals, vegetables, vegetables and legumes. Each ingredient is dosed with the care and wisdom learned since childhood when, in every home, meals were the moment when the family gathered and shared food and identity. There is only one ingredient, the most important, which is NEVER weighed in the Osteria, this ingredient is TIME. In their recipes, time is measured with Q.S. (from Latin “quantum satis”)…just enough. Salento is a land of hardworking and tireless people but, around the table, where lives and stories intertwine, time becomes slow, without haste. 63 Osteria Contemporanea offer the guests the TIME and a Tasting Menu of typical dishes and revisited dishes in which, however, tradition shines, like a lighthouse in the night, a dialogue between YESTERDAY and TODAY. Here, each dish strictly follows the rhythms of the seasons and the availability of the producers. Here, each dish wants to be messengers of the truest identity of Salento and Puglia, a land of welcome.   What’s included? – Starter 5 tastings of traditional dishes varying according to seasonality and availability of ingredients from small local suppliers. – First Course 2 tastings of fresh pasta from the Salento tradition. You will be tasting one completely faithful to tradition and one that is a more contemporary interpretation – Second Course 2 samples of vegetarian / meat / blue fish according to seasonal availability. – Dessert Home made dessert Wine and drinks included. Please note: – This experience is best enjoyed during lunch – Not available on Mondays – Maximum 20 People Experience type: Day tour / activity Duration: 4/5 hours Difficulty: Easy
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