Puglia, much more than beach

Everything will be ok! In the mean time, let us show you the destination for next vacation

By BeeYond Travel

Let’s stay Home, for now!!!
It started like any other news but in a matter of a couple week, we have all realized this is big.

Keeping it positive is in our DNA and we have no doubts #everything-will-be-all-right

However, we must all do our part so that we can all go back to our extraordinary lives. 

It seems quite impossible for us to say: “let’s stay home”, we at BeeYond Travel, traveling is what makes us who we are.

It makes us free, it makes us better, it allows us to explore, appreciate, share, wonder, enjoy, give, receive, embrace; so, staying home, are difficult words for us to say.

We have often said that we are always dreaming, but our feet are firmly anchored to the ground.

 Now, more than ever, we understand that given the circumstances, it is very important we all contribute to make sure the situation goes back to normal as fast as possible.

We must do this for us and for the people we love.   

Who does not want to be able to hug, shake hands, show gratitude to the people we meet along the way?

Do you see a different world in the future? We don’t!  

In the mean time, let’s all take a moment to appreciate what we have, the beautiful world we live in and the beauty that is all around us. 

We will help you!

Our goal is to anticipate what your next vacation will be like. 

The ones who have chosen to travel with us in the past, are fully aware BeeYond Travel is all about authentic experiences because we believe only those, will be able to generate unforgettable memories. The kind of memories you could write a book about.  

We have chosen Puglia for your unforgettable vacation, because it is the one region that has everything you need to be happy. 

No matter the season, here you will find all your planets aligned and fantastic people you will be calling friends for the rest of your life.

Take the opportunity to reach out to us now by filling out the form you will find on the following page: Signature Puglia Tours

We will put together your unforgettable vacation based on what makes you happy, wether it is Food, Art, Relax, Wellness, Artisanship, Wine…you name it…we have it!

In the mean time, enjoy our video below, no filters, just as authentic as our desire to send you to the amazing Puglia region. 


Millenary Olive Tree Puglia
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