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a special time for myself

There is a moment in everyone’s life when we realize we want to be special. We try to be special for others, special for the boss who is too busy to recognizes the work done, special for the friend whose lifestyle is too hectic to pick up the phone to say “hello”! Special and that’s it.

Let's talk about "healthy selfishness"

Yet in all this frenzy, few times we remember how important it is to be special first of all for ourselves. We are often too busy to devote time to ourselves. We are always ready to hear and see what people around us have to say and do, but what about us? So, at least once a year, let’s make time for a little healthy selfishness, the one that makes us feel masters of ourselves and of our own decisions.

When should I make time for myself?

When? Well, in our opinion, the ideal moment for Beeyond Travel is when organizing vacations.
The vacation is something personal, it is a reward moment meant to relax after the hustle-and-bustle of the past year, and a moment to recharge for the year ahead. It is the only occasion we can truly be special. So why settle for it? It is your right to think big at least once a year, feel pampered and expect the best. Like a tailor-made vacation already bookable…just pick your date!

Getting help to pamper myself

BeeYond Travel is a boutique Tour Operator focused on the regions of Puglia and Sicily and the concept of slow tourism. Listening to our Travelers is key to us and it helps big when we develop our tours. The majority of our tours are tailor made so we have taken the most popular locations and experiences and created a new tour meant to truly pamper you.

How do I get pampered on vacation

To enjoy this vacation, you have to stop the usual rhythms and embrace the “slowness”.
Waking up slowly in the morning in a renowned location, getting out of bed slowly and slowly having breakfast with a cup of coffee and a slice of homemade cake, heading to beach locations and slowly enjoying the day, until sunset, when before dinner, slowly, you will gather around a table and savor the good Apulian cuisine.

Where should I go to get pampered

Puglia is the ideal destination to experience this pleasant slowness. Puglia is the land of slow tourism, of the paths, of the villages to be walked with an ice cream in your hand, of cooking lessons to prepare lunch to be enjoyed together. And here in Puglia lunches last for hours and hours, hours spent chatting, sipping a nice glass of wine, telling stories that maybe we’ll forget after ten minutes (because of the excellent wine produced in Puglia), but that’s okay.

The perfect tour to get pampered

You told us this is your idea of feeling special and this is what we want for you. Give yourself the opportunity to feel special for yourself and check out our newest tour designed with you in mind: 

The Puglia Therapy Tour

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