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Have you ever felt super excited to go on vacation and yet, anxious at the same time? We have good news for you! We will help you get to the root of the issue so you can go confident on your long deserved vacation leaving behind any anxiety.  

Why do I feel anxious right before my vacation

First of all, you are not the only one! Many people feel this anxiety before leaving for vacation. This is even truer for those people who tend to be in control of everything happening around them. Going on vacation is something absolutely beautiful because of the new places you will see, the people you will meet, the wonderful experiences just waiting for you to happen, the relax and the fun. 

All this is good stuff but it also means you have to explore the unknown and that is exactly why some people start to stress out. 

The trick? Familiarize with your itinerary before you leave, this will help you a great deal. Hard to believe? Let’s do a quick and simple experiment: picture yourself in a pitch dark room trying to find the door or the light switch…you will be most likely moving very slowly with your hands straight in front of you to feel any obstacles that might be in your way and afraid to trip over something. 

You get the idea right?

Now, picture the same situation but this dark room is your bedroom, you will be absolutely fine because here even in the darkness of the night, because it is a very familiar place and you know exactly where the door or the light switch is so you have nothing to fear.

The same concept can be applied for your vacation anxiety, the more familiar you are with the itinerary, the less stressed you will be.

Agriturismo Serafina

What else can you do to enjoy your vacation?

Easy! You need to carefully select and trust the company planning your vacation. A company like BeeYond Travel falls into the “boutique” Tour Operator category so that means we have chosen to work with fewer clients but service them completely from start to end. We have also chosen to only specialize in few selected regions of Italy: Puglia and Sicily so we can really focus on these areas.

What does this all mean? It means that we are able to add the personal element often missed and so important for you. It means we personally know every villa, every supplier and this allow us to better match your needs. 

In addition, we have chosen to only work with those suppliers who share our same vision because they truly are an extension of our Team.

Real people, real stories

An example is our latest addition to the Villas/Accommodations portfolio: Agriturismo Serafina in Otranto. We have personally known the family behind this oasis of paradise in one of the most idyllic area all over Italy and in the world. Although they have this incredible place, their accommodations are geared to a clientele different from our typical Traveller so we could not work together. 

Until now!!!

All this changed when they decided to build the first and only apartment which matches our Travellers needs. We could not be happier to add this apartment to our inventory because the apartment is only the beginning of your incredible vacation. Upon check-in, you will immediately feel “at home” and with “Family”; everything will feel right and now the circle is closed…you can “let go”, because there is nothing else that can stop you from having an amazing vacation. When you come back, you will be thanking us for connecting you with such amazing people and the out-of-this-world homemade pastries prepared directly by Gabriella daily.

Check out Serafina Luxury Apartment

Serafina Luxury in Otranto

  • Adults: 2
  • Size: 667ft²

Serafina Luxury Apartment near Otranto  5/5 Luxury apartment within Agriturismo Serafina, 667 square feet in size, pool view, private patio 2 Guests | Just 1.3 miles from Otranto. Serafina Luxury in Otranto Adults: 2 Size: 667ft² View: Pool Side Bed Type: Queen bed Categories: Luxury Apartment Amenities: Adults only, Air conditioning, Bathroom essentials, Bicycle, […]

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