Winemaking Tour Puglia?

Of course it’s possible


By BeeYond Travel

How many of you have you ever been part of something exceptional? Something you still remember?

Vacation is just relax

What if we told you that you will be working on your next vacation? Of course we are NOT joking! As matter of fact, we have never been so serious and this is what you can expect in our Winemaking Tour Puglia. We invite you to read on.  

A vacation as authentic as it gets

Creating a tour, means having a network of trusted suppliers married to our most important principle to be able to do something out of the ordinary and powerful enough to change you.

It means taking a bunch of calculated risks so we are always one step ahead to avoid disasters.

It means months and months of planning and continuous back and forth with our providers until everything is just perfect. Just like a good wine!

Wine is king

Winelovers will probably agree with us. Wine means sharing wonderful memories with friends and family, but our goal is not to convince those folks; we want give this opportunity to Travellers and let them embrace wine on vacation, a concept that goes far beyond drinking a nice bottle of wine.  

Harvesting Introductions on vacation

The wine tour is definitely among the top experiences available in this extraordinary region of Puglia. It is an experience that allow Travellers  to get an idea of what winemaking means. Few hours topped with a wine tasting. 

It is a beautiful experience and that is why it is one of the most popular experiences while on vacation in Puglia.  It is so popular, we always got interesting feedback. Since we LOVE to listen, we have decided to make this experience a bit longer…7 nights longer! 

What does it mean

We have managed to put together a seven nights vacation: The winemaking Tour Puglia. This tour will be focused in the area where the Primitivo di Manduria, renowned all over the world, is produced. You will spend your days harvesting, tasting the best Apulian products, visiting quaint villages, taking part in Ceramic workshop and much more.

A vacation package for winelovers, families, good friends, and all those Travellers looking for the next vacation with a twist.

Only 7 Departures for 2020

Harvesting and winemaking in Puglia happens usually from late Summer to early Fall, time is limited, the availability is limited and the first departure is set for August 29, 2020. 

Are you ready to be part of a celebration? Part of an amazing winemakers family? Ready to take home a very special gift? Waste no more time and click the picture below to read all about this one-of-a-kind vacation . 

The Puglia Therapy Tour

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