Slow dining in Puglia

an emotion to be experienced slowly

How many of you have ever tried to prepare a recipe seen on TV? How many, during this social distancing times, have followed video lessons with starred chefs who explain how to prepare a dish that you could only taste at the restaurant?

Let's face it, everyone, or almost everyone, has tried these experiences.

Many people nowadays follow online recipes considering that staying at home, is important to overcome this difficult moment. We know how much you enjoy delicious meals while you are on vacation so, we want to remind you that in Puglia preparing a recipe is a ritual, a sort of cathartic moment in which you go from everyday frenzy, to the therapeutic slowness of family moments.

Why not live this moment at least once in your life?

The online experiences to which we are now forced, sooner or later, fortunately, will end and we will be able to return to live true emotions, made of smiles and human contacts.

This is why we at Beeyond Travel have come up with this therapeutic experience

An experience for the palate and the mind, in an exceptional location, just outside the walls of Lecce’s historic center. Learning how to eat well is not only a must for our health, it is also living a unique moment, which you will remember for a long, long time.

So, ready to experience the Apulian cuisine?

Apulian cuisine is now considered one of the best in the world. Be careful though, we are not talking about a simple meal, we are talking about a real dining experience. We are talking about a dream to live with your travel companions. There is a subtle difference between a holiday and a dream; this subtle difference lies in the importance we give to the emotions that dream is able to awake.

What is the secret ingredient of Slow Dining in Puglia?

The secret ingredient is the Time we dedicate to this dream…lots of time. The secret ingredient is to live everything slowly, forgetting the ticking clock. Salento is the ideal place to experience this pleasant slowness and take the time to truly enjoy farm to table cuisine.

Slow Dining Experience in Lecce by BeeYond Travel

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