Slow Tourism in Salento Puglia

Choosing a holiday in Puglia means choosing a place where the rhythms of the city are just a distant nightmare. Here, even awakening is a pleasure: a warm warmth forces you to leave the bed and run out, looking for the sea that surrounds everywhere.

From the windows of a luxury villa a stone’s throw from the sea or from a luxury villa in a picturesque village of Salento you can admire all this.

Here slowness is a philosophy of life, it is a merit and not a defect as one might believe. You walk slowly through the streets of the villages, greeting everyone, especially strangers. You eat slowly, during endless lunches. You live slowly, savoring every moment and enjoying every little detail.

Puglia is the land of gold where to develop the so-called Slow Tourism, or Turismo Lento in Italian, a type of tourism that is developing very fast worldwide and which aims to enhance territories through the promotion of sustainable and authentic itineraries, without giving weight to the time that can be employed and involving all those who live there, from entrepreneurs to the inhabitants of the most isolated houses.

For this reason, Puglia, and especially Salento, seem to favor and embrace this type of tourism, which promotes quality and experience, opposing mass tourism, fast and consumption that little enhances the typicality of a place.

Everything is reduced to the definition of typicality: what does it mean to look for a product or a typical experience? How important is it to value all this?

In today’s society, the search for typicality is essential in order to create captivating and new itineraries, in syntony with the needs of tourists and the territories themselves. It is important, therefore, when choosing the holiday to rely on professionals who live and love the area and who create tailor-made experiences of this land and tailored to their visitors.

And “tailor-made” experiences with BeeYond Travel you can do many: experiences that aim to make you live this slowness of which we are very proud: in our villas you can directly collect the fruits from the tree or go to disturb the hens for “steal” their eggs; you can wake up early or late, at your discretion; you can spend endless hours on the beaches and then lose yourself in a trekking path in the countryside at sunset; you can, maybe in Autumn, go around the cellars where delicious wine is produced and understand the whole production process. Among the most requested experiences, we suggest exclusive culinary experiences or even, Italian aperitif in a vintage car with driver.

What do you think of learning to make orecchiette, the typical pasta from Puglia? Well, in Salento it is also possible to do this, always in contact with nature, always very slowly.

Experiences of this kind will give a deeper meaning to your holiday because here you can find much more than just the sea.

Slow Tourism is also to be considered for its “ecological” nature: slow tourism means not to alter in any way the natural environment, which instead mass tourism tends to destroy. Many lovers of nature and simple landscapes will find their essence of life here. In fact, the numbers show this tourist-sociological phenomenon is very high precisely in relation to the priority that post-modern tourists give to sustainability.

When you come here and stay in one of our villas forget about the rest, leave home all the worries and relax: the rest will be taken care by this wonderful region Puglia and its wonderfully slow way to make you live life.

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