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the Sunday lunch in Puglia

Il Lupo e La Rondine

In Puglia, people gather all together on Sunday for lunch. The whole week, everybody awaits nothing else but this moment.

It is the official “sacred” time when people make time to sit around a table to tell stories, talk about moments of past life and endless days of work.

We are used to hectic rhythms of life. Those rhythms, very often keep us away from the family, we have lunch at different times, and very often we meet only at the end of the day.

But why is Sunday in Puglia so important?

The day begins calmly, no alarm sounds, no particular burden. The delicious smell of ragù coming from the kitchen makes you wake up.

You get up, and you reach the mother in the kitchen who, the moment she sees you, she  gives you a kiss on the forehead (even if you are 40 years old 😊) and prepares you coffee.

Then the morning flows slowly, some people get ready to go to Mass,  others watch TV, go to the piazza (popular squares in Italy where people gather) to chat with friends, others decide to read a book. At lunchtime, the doorbell starts to ring like crazy: the members of the family return home, to get all together.

You sit at the table and the real party begins: a luculian lunch awaits the lucky diners.

Focaccia, taralli, bruschetta with tomato, and then the Sunday prince: the ragù. To complete a good dessert, coffee and liqueur.

Sunday lunch is slow. You sit at a certain hour but you don’t get up for at least three hours. It is now late afternoon, and the day has passed lightly, between chatter and smiles.

How nice would it be to relive one of these typically Apulian moments on vacation? We at Beeyond Travel want to give you this Apulian dream. We want you to sit at the table with us, we want you to taste the same ragù prepared by our mothers, we want to invite you to our home.

There is nothing better than returning to your home and tell everyone that you have been to an Apulian lunch. It is a serious matter!

Our idea is to offer you an absolutely authentic, unprecedented gastronomic experience. We will welcome you among the olive trees and vineyards of the Itria Valley, in the beating heart of Puglia. That true soul that made Puglia one of the most sought-after regions.

Sunday lunch is part of that Italian style that is so popular abroad, it is that part that makes people from Puglia so unique.

As we move along, from time to time, we will be presenting the experiences we offer. We call them “puzzle pieces”. Have you ever worked on a puzzle? The most beautiful puzzles have a lot of pieces, it takes a long time and patience to put all the pieces together, but the smile on your face when you put that last piece of the puzzle in place, stretches from ear to ear. Doesn’t it?

When we put together a vacation, we use the best “puzzle pieces” so even if for a short time, we want you to feel like you are living a dream while you are on vacation. In Puglia this is possible!

This post is all about the importance of the Sunday lunch in Puglia, so we have decided to start with an experience that, in our opinion, sums up what it means to enjoy life: The Sunday Lunch! Click below to get an idea of what it means to sit at the lunch table in Puglia.

So, should we add a seat at the table for you?

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