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Palazzo San Giovanni a special place in Puglia

Thanksgiving, our favorite Holiday of all. This Holiday is not about the gifts, it is not about the stress, it is not about the rush-rush; no…this Holiday is all about family and friends, something very important and especially in Italy where the gatherings assume a very deep meaning. One conception the world has about Italy is that we eat, eat and eat; but trust us friends, it is not just about the food, it is about the famous “giving” so celebrated on Thanksgiving Day. The giving which can simply be a good laugh, a good advise, an ear to listen, a landing hand, sharing a healthy meal with the family, the friends and all the ones we love. Italy has mastered this so much that still now down south and of course in Puglia, this does not happen just on Thanksgiving Day, it happens every day, naturally! 

On such special day we could not spare you from surprising yet once again with another amazing property: Palazzo San Giovanni in Morciano di Leuca Puglia 

This is the kind of place you can envision yourself along with your family and friends celebrate Holidays and Fun…all year long. This is among the few properties available anytime of the year and we at BeeYond Travel are so proud to offer you such place because we have seen it and we relived the atmosphere of milling the oil in the trappeti, ancient oil mills that surround the building. We have felt the strength of the Lecce stone of the fireplaces that are in the rooms. We perceived the skill of the sculptors who created the star vault of the breakfast room with that same Lecce stone. All this has the infinite power to bring you back in time where you can reconnect with your root, re-energize and be thankful for what we have.

You can see all pictures and details about Palazzo San Giovanni  by clicking this link:  https://goo.gl/5CztmJ

With a humble heart, to our discerning travelers we say Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Traveling.


Villa Elena, your own vacation historic tower from mid 6th century

Have you ever dreamed of going on vacation to a beautiful place and sleeping in a real tower from the mid 6th Century? Well, thanks to BeeYond travel, now you can.

For those who are familiar with BeeYond Travel, you know we are always scouting for the most interesting properties. The properties we look for must be of the highest international standards of course but we are looking for that something extra that will make your vacation unforgettable. 

Often, it is a combination of elements like the territory, the history, the people, the food that will make you never want to leave.

We think we have scored again, and we proudly introduce you to your next unique historic tower available yearlong. 

You will find all details regarding this amazing property on its dedicated page by clicking the link below

Villa Elena Historic Tower

We also want to point out Villa Elena is one of the few properties bookable yearlong so it makes the perfect solution if you want to unplug for few days during offseason taking also advantage of the reduced minimum stay starting at 4 nights…perfect for a long weekend. 

Happy Vacation Dearest Travelers 


“Region of the Year” – An important recognition for our beautiful Puglia

People from Puglia have always known: Puglia is the most beautiful region in the world.
Its aromas, its sea, its traditions, its cuisine, its favorable climate, even its dialect: all this makes the place where people live the best we could wish for.

However, receiving acknowledgments is always a pleasure.

And, if the award is the highly sought-after award Food & Travel Italy Reader Awards, awarded each year to the region that most amazed with its beauties and peculiarities readers of the international food and wine magazine “Food and Travel Italy”, then the satisfaction for we Puglia is double.

This is the reason that led readers to choose Puglia as Best Destination 2018:

“The breath is suspended at every glance: everything is harmonious splendor combined with flavors, aromas, essences that recall our beloved Italian territory. History, landscapes, nature, ancient villages that hold priceless heritage for humanity: Locorotondo, the Trulli of Alberobello, Ostuni, Lecce, the magnificent stretches of the Salento coast, the ancient farms. An imaginary but not imaginary itinerary, because the rocks are real, the architectural structures are presented in all their beauty, the nature decantes its mighty presence, the sea brings breaths of wind, the sun ripens vineyards and radiates the ancient olive groves : we are in Puglia and we would not want to be elsewhere. “

The award was accepted by the councilor for the tourism and cultural industry Loredana Capone in Cagliari during the award ceremony.
On this occasion, the Salento was also awarded as a territory of the year and Lecce as a 2018 destination.
Will it be thanks to the beautiful villas that BeeYond Travel searches every time for you?

We want to believe it, and anyway, we are proud to be part of a region so rich in beauty, history, and passion.

Come to Puglia, you have no more excuses now.


Lovers of landscape photography? Come and shoot in Puglia

We are in the images age. We often spend the day looking for the most beautiful photo to share on Instagram or Facebook, maybe we modify it a bit, like some skilled photographers.
And so there are places that have become famous especially because they have been photographed by millions hunting for the perfect shot. The image thus becomes essential for the promotion of a certain territory, perhaps unknown until the travel blogger  shares a picture taken by one of the million “hunters of the perfect shot”.
This mediatic wave has invested one of the most evocative places in Salento, the Cava di Bauxite (bauxite quarry) in Otranto Puglia.

It is an abandoned mining field where a beautiful emerald green lake has formed. The view is breathtaking and it is easy to imagine why it is one of the most photographed places in Salento. Bauxite is a mineral used for the production of aluminum. The formation of the emerald green lake was most likely due to the infiltration of water from the aquifers in the area.
We at BeeYond Travel wanted to be part of so much beauty and, even we, we decided to show it to you with our very own inedited photos.
Of course, if you decide to stay in one of our luxury villas in this still warm September or next summer, our photos would not be necessary. As a matter of fact, no photo would be needed. Your eyes and the desire to reach this Salento canyon just a few kilometers from Otranto would be enough.
And, moving a little, you may also come across the suggestive Lighthouse of Punta Palascia.

The writer Roberto Cotroneo in his book “E nemmeno un rimpianto” (“And not even a regret”) (Mondadori, 2011) describes this place with these words:
“The fishermen of the stretch of sea between the Torre del Serpe and the Palascìa tell that on certain days, when the clouds in the sky are swollen with rain and the sun illuminates them like sails, on the surface of the water you can see a gleam: the golden reflections of something like a trumpet”.
This is the absolute easternmost point of Italy, commonly known as Capo d’Otranto. The Punta Palascia lighthouse is protected by the European Commission and, according to the nautical conventions, is the meeting point between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea.
In short, another perfect place to take beautiful pictures, like the ones you see in this article.
So, are you coming or not to Puglia to take the best photos you’ve ever taken? We from BeeYond Travel can accompany you, we know the way very well.


Post-vacation syndrome? Come to Puglia!

It’s true, the infamous September has arrived. And as every year, the season of shorter days, the mornings in the office and the evenings in front of the television to follow a TV series on Netflix is upon us.
The long walks on the beach, the sunset cocktails with friends, the tanning that makes us more beautiful, the nights that never end and the awakening the next day to have breakfast outside, maybe in one of the gardens of our luxury villas, they seem a distant memory.
Paraphrasing the Negramaro, historic Lecce music band, all these things are the sign of a summer that I wish would never end.

post vacation syndrome
Yet it is about to end. So no depression, but a lot of willpower to recover from the post-vacation syndrome.
We at BeeYond Travel want to give you some tips to overcome this sense of powerlessness in the face of the routine that resurfaces overwhelmingly in our lives:
1) Do not be anxious to resume the rhythm in one day. Rather, aim for a gradual adaptation;
2) Have this thought in mind: “Summer holidays are over, but there are many weekends during the year to travel!”;
3) Do not try to achieve all the objectives set during the month of September. There’s time;
4) Take care of yourself. How about starting a the gym also to relieve you from the few extra pounds gained over the holidays?
5) Pay attention to the diet and drink a lot;
6) Do not let the traffic of the city destabilize your psychological balance: listen to music and relax.
And if you really do not like these tips, well, then come again to Puglia for a little more.

post vacation syndrome2
Here the still warm climate will allow you to go to the beach again and again. September weekends are ideal for enjoying our beaches and, moreover, this is the period of patronal festivals and village festivals. In the evening the streets are swarming with people and locals are open until late.
BeeYond Travel obviously will take care of the accommodation.
Think about it for a moment: September is a beautiful month after all. Post-vacation Syndrome apart, it is the month in which all plans are made, the month of committing to all promises. It is the month in which friends meet and the evenings are still long enough to avoid, at least for a while, hiding in the house.
And, on weekends, you could be in Puglia. In short, is there a better month than September?


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