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The Magazine for those who are Proud to be, or feel, Pugliese

And we are super proud to be present on the renowned Puglian magazine that speaks about the region we love from different points of view and that gives the opportunity to companies like BeeYond Travel to be in the spotlight.

We come from the distant United States of America, but in our veins now  flows Pugliese blood and from this region we want to bring to the world the sought after 5-star Puglia, without forgetting to preserve the authenticity of this wonderful land, where the sea is combined with the sky and the days pass slow and perfect.

Amazing Puglia, in an interview with Felice Zumbo, founder of the company in cooperation with Paola Puzzovio from Salento Travel wanted to capture the mission of this partnership and will summarize it in the article on newsstands from July 1.

BeeYond Travel on Amazing Puglia

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A sea to sail: Puglia seen from a yacht

With almost 800 kilometers of coastline, Puglia attracts tourists and visitors who choose it every year to spend their vacations.

The beautiful coasts, from the Promontory of the Gargano to Capo Leuca, reserve pleasant surprises like coves and caves that create natural bays where you can take refuge and find tranquility.

The best way to enjoy the wonderful coastal landscape of Puglia is to experience it by boat.

Sail on Yacht BeeYond Travel
Luxury Yacht to enjoy the coastal landscape of Puglia

Even the Region has understood its importance and has recently approved a new law on marinas, making them more accessible to small boats.
Cruising by boat allows you to feel free to leave and return when you want and to stop at any moment, even just to take a picture at a perfect sunset.

It is a journey that every man dreams of, and that maybe, lived aboard a luxurious yacht becomes even more exciting.

Luxury Yacht Calipso
Luxury Yacht Calipso

Yachts are fast, agile and equipped with every comfort, and are a real symbol of status.

Sailboats allow you to sail in peace enjoying the sound of the sea and the wind.

Living Puglia in a yacht is an unforgettable experience, only for the most sophisticated.

Luxury Sail Boat Nausika
Luxury Sail Boat Nausika

For us at BeeYond Travel it is important to guarantee you the best experiences, so our yachts are carefully selected.

The trip for us is never a simple thing, and proposing stays in yachts is the best representation of “quality tourism”.

The beaches of Puglia are waiting to be discovered and its seas to be furrowed. In a few miles, you can also reach the breathtaking coast of Albania, Greece, and then return to a safe harbor down in Salento.

The essence of the experience we want to offer you is contained in these words of the Neapolitan writer Erri de Luca:
“The trips are those by sea with ships, not with trains. The horizon must be empty and must detach the sky from the water. There must be nothing around and above must weigh the immense, then it is travel ”

What are you waiting for? The sea of Puglia is ready to be the background for a new and beautiful journey: yours.