Apulian vacation property in Savelletri

New paradisiac masseria

an Apulian vacation property 

By BeeYond Travel

There is one thing in everybody’s mind these days. No matter where you live and no matter what you do:

The answer is: COVID-19 or Corona Virus

After over a month of hearing terrifying news on TV, after many days of re-inventing the way we live, the way we work and the way we normally express our feelings, we are all starting to feel a bit pressured by the circumstances. 

Unemployment, the partner, the kids, the husband, the wife, the relationship, the dog, college…we are all mentally exhausted.    

Paradisiac Vacation Property in Puglia by BeeYond Travel

Today we are extremely excited to share this new vacation property in Puglia because while the Covid-19 was about to blow up, we were getting ready to get on a plane for a 3 weeks trip in Puglia to meet with suppliers, strengthen relationships and find new  accommodations so your vacation can be truly special. It was February 15th, 2020; no known cases in the US yet, but the situation in China was bad, and Italy was starting to get just as bad.

My family and friends drove me to the airport and even if  the jokes helped me get distracted, I could not keep thinking about this new Virus, afraid that in the near future we could face one of the worse times in history.

One of the biggest differences between BeeYond Travel and many other Tour Operators, is that we do not propose anything we have not seen first hand and experienced first hand. The most important thing of all: “we must know personally the Providers, to make sure they share our same passion and they accept to be by our side along the way. 

We always tell them: “You are an extension of our Staff, and as such we must be on the same page”!

So, despite the worrisome moments before departing, we flew to Italy and we did what we do best: We have started new relationships! We are working hard behind the scenes, and little by little we will share everything with you, but today, we want you to understand what those relationships translate into.  

We invite you to visit our latest property addition to our portfolio. This is what came out from one of those relationships. This one of a kind place is called Masseria Torre Abate Risi.

This property sits in Savelletri countryside (attached to Fasano) surrounded by beautiful olive trees and few minutes from the beach. In a buy-out form, this property can accommodate up to 18 people. Inside the property, 5 independent suites can also be booked individually. Each suite can accommodate 2 to 4 guests, or by booking different suites, you can increase the guests capacity.

We have listed each option below. Please read about this property Masseria Torre Abate Risi, and most important, please check out the pictures, they are powerful and they can transport you to this beautiful region called Puglia, allowing you to take that famous “mental break” we mentioned at the beginning of this post and so important right now.

We at BeeYond Travel, are always on a quest to discover new vacation properties to include in your next unforgettable trip and in our Tours in Puglia.

We hope the beauty of this vacation property in Puglia will fill your mind with positive thoughts, reminding you to stay strong during this difficult time. We remain available to you for questions and doubts you may have. We are live by chat during business hours or check out the Contact Us page to find out how to best get in touch with us.

Stay strong and healthy, we will help you travel! 


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It is not the destination, it is the journey that counts

We have some news! We wanted to find the best words to announce them, so we took a while to publish a new article on this blog.

What is it? Well, you just have to keep reading this article.

BeeYond Travel is synonymous with authenticity and refinement and as perfectionists, as we are, we could not ignore the requests from some of our customers.

You have requested the same care that Beeyond Travel has in seeking the perfect five-star holiday accommodation in Puglia, for dream homes throughout Italy…not only Puglia.

After all, how to blame you, when a traveler chooses Italy, he already knows that he has to go back more than once to completely fall in love with it.

So, thanks to a new collaboration with Easy Reserve Limited, you can find on our site a section dedicated to accommodation in other areas of our peninsula and beyond.

We have chosen to collaborate with them because they have our same passion for the work we do.

Even if we do not personally manage the properties they offer, you can contact them directly to request assistance by calling the dedicated number or via email; they will be able assist you every step of the way, including payments. You can start by searching for your next destination using the booking engine you will find on our home page. Just look for the following image and then click on MORE PROPERTIES just above the picture from our home page:


Our intention is simple: offer you an alternative if you decide to travel to places where BeeYond Travel does not manage the properties directly.

We want to give you a tailor-made holiday, and we want you to choose the destination.

We are fortunate to live in the most beautiful nation in the world and it is mostly you…the customers to say so, it is not self-congratulation.

A famous phrase said:

“It is not the destination, but the journey that counts”

Prepare your bags and games. Italy will surprise you everywhere: come and find out what it means to wake up in the morning and know that as soon as we open the window there will be beauty waiting for us.

We will welcome you as only Italians can do.

Palazzo San Giovanni a special place in Puglia

Thanksgiving, our favorite Holiday of all. This Holiday is not about the gifts, it is not about the stress, it is not about the rush-rush; no…this Holiday is all about family and friends, something very important and especially in Italy where the gatherings assume a very deep meaning. One conception the world has about Italy is that we eat, eat and eat; but trust us friends, it is not just about the food, it is about the famous “giving” so celebrated on Thanksgiving Day. The giving which can simply be a good laugh, a good advise, an ear to listen, a landing hand, sharing a healthy meal with the family, the friends and all the ones we love. Italy has mastered this so much that still now down south and of course in Puglia, this does not happen just on Thanksgiving Day, it happens every day, naturally! 

On such special day we could not spare you from surprising yet once again with another amazing property: Palazzo San Giovanni in Morciano di Leuca Puglia 

This is the kind of place you can envision yourself along with your family and friends celebrate Holidays and Fun…all year long. This is among the few properties available anytime of the year and we at BeeYond Travel are so proud to offer you such place because we have seen it and we relived the atmosphere of milling the oil in the trappeti, ancient oil mills that surround the building. We have felt the strength of the Lecce stone of the fireplaces that are in the rooms. We perceived the skill of the sculptors who created the star vault of the breakfast room with that same Lecce stone. All this has the infinite power to bring you back in time where you can reconnect with your root, re-energize and be thankful for what we have.

You can see all pictures and details about Palazzo San Giovanni  by clicking this link:  https://goo.gl/5CztmJ

With a humble heart, to our discerning travelers we say Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Traveling.

Villa Elena, your own vacation historic tower from mid 6th century

Have you ever dreamed of going on vacation to a beautiful place and sleeping in a real tower from the mid 6th Century? Well, thanks to BeeYond Travel, now you can.

For those who are familiar with BeeYond Travel, you know we are always scouting for the most interesting properties. The properties we look for must be of the highest international standards of course but we are looking for that something extra that will make your vacation unforgettable. 

Often, it is a combination of elements like the territory, the history, the people, the food that will make you never want to leave.

We think we have scored again, and we proudly introduce you to your next unique historic tower available yearlong. 

You will find all details regarding this amazing property on its dedicated page by clicking the link below

Villa Elena Historic Tower

We also want to point out Villa Elena is one of the few properties bookable yearlong so it makes the perfect solution if you want to unplug for few days during offseason taking also advantage of the reduced minimum stay starting at 4 nights…perfect for a long weekend. 

Happy Vacation Dearest Travelers