What do they eat in Puglia?

Is Puglia a true culinary destination?

Il Lupo e La Rondine

By Il Lupo e La Rondine for BeeYond Travel

It is now known that Puglia is one of the most popular destinations of the moment, and the “Apulians” are insanely grateful to the world for this. We are sure they don’t mind to be in the spotlight, especially when they are asked to show the world what they do best.

You are wondering, what is it that they do best, right? But cooking, of course!

Food here is tradition, culture, it is part of their daily lives. Even the National Geographic, one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational institutions in the world, has also picked up on this. They were so intrigued by this food habit that they dedicated this beautiful article to the region.

In short, National Geographic highlighted the qualities of the Apulian cuisine including the sustainability of the production processes of raw materials, the primacy of excellence of raw fish, and the simplicity of the ingredients of the best known recipes.

In the article, the author named five must-eat items in Puglia: the Apulian Focaccia, the Apulian mozzarella, the wine, mainly red and intense – just think of Primitivo di Manduria,  orecchiette pasta with turnip greens (cime di rapa) and of course fish.

So, what do they also eat in Puglia? Since we know Puglia inside out, we hope the National Geographic will not mind if we add four more dishes to the list.

Paste di Mandorla

They are the queens of the holidays in Puglia. They are also given away for weddings in some towns. Very famous are those of Turi, in the province of Bari, which are real miniature works of art. For the almond, the choice should fall only and exclusively on the Almond of Toritto (BA), a Slow Food presidium. An almond of ancient origins and with very valuable organoleptic properties.


His majesty the panzerotto, we would add. In Puglia he is a real companion of adventures, of evenings with friends. It is a gastronomic street food specialty, a circle of stuffed pasta, closed on itself to form a crescent moon, typical of the regions of central and southern Italy.


Just say this word in Puglia and Sunday lunch immediately comes to mind, when the whole family comes together waiting to taste a nice plate of veal chops, meat rolls with garlic and parsley, cooked in tomato sauce.

Patate, Riso e Cozze

The famous tiella barese, made with rice, potatoes and mussels, in fact. Three simple ingredients, but which, combined, create one of the tastiest dishes of the Apulian cuisine.

In short, whatever they eat in Puglia seems to be a dish to absolutely try.

You just have to book your stay, perhaps choosing one of the amazing BeeYond Travel villas, where, after taking part in a cooking class – always by BeeYond Travel – you can actually try preparing one of the dishes listed above and offer it to your friends & family, on a warm summer evening to spend by the pool in the beautiful Puglia.

We really like this idea. What do you think about it?

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