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BeeYond Travel Tour Operator Puglia

Firstly, BeeYond Travel Tour Operator is an American company. Specialized in the beautiful Puglia region of Italy providing Luxury Villas, Yachts, Vacation Packages. In addition, we offer a handful of carefully selected experiences outside Puglia.

For instance, we manage, private yachts in Sicily operating weeklong tours to the Eolian Islands.

The BeeYond Travel Tour Operator
And its Partners

We have direct partners in the heart of Salento, experts and authentic connoisseurs of the territory. Our direct partners are based in Lecce, an eclectic city always on the move. Modern and at the same time custodian of a history that smells of stone and sea. In brief, we want to offer you unforgettable holidays and unrepeatable emotions.

Our goal is to make you fall in love with this land.

Above all, letting you be struck by the same lightning strike that inspired us at BeeYond Travel when we decided to embark on this journey.

As a result, the unique villas that we propose and that arise in the most hidden and breathtaking meanders of Salento, Therefore, the villas, represent to us the soul of a territory rich in traditions and beauties, to be discovered. Finally, we want you to live it in the best possible way.

BeeYond Travel Tour Operator Puglia
why the Bee?

Certainly, do not hesitate to demand the best, because we know that our customers are “BEYOND”. To clarify, we go beyond the holiday already seen and reviewed, beyond the simple idea of refinement and perfection.

It is no coincidence that we have chosen as a symbol a bee. In Greek mythology is an insect symbol of luxury because it produces honey, which, combined with ambrosia, quenched the gods.

Moreover, the bee is a laborious, tireless insect: a maniacal architect when it builds the hives.The hives structures recall the perfection of the Baroque architecture that you will find here in Salento.

In addition, the name BEEYOND plays with the term “beyond” and we love it because of its meaning to go “further”, “over and above”.In short, do not be afraid to ask too much. For sure, our villas tour packages and our yachts will surely be “beyond” your expectations.

Beeyond Travel Tour Operator presenting the Magical Puglia

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A dream called BeeYond Travel

BEEYOND TRAVEL is the dream in the drawer of Felice Zumbo.

He sought the warmth of the Salento sun among the skyscrapers of New York.

Born in the States, but raised in the beautiful Calabria, in 1998 he decided to return to New York to live his American dream.

Here he had the opportunity to get in touch with a dynamic and lively work environment and to develop transversal skills.

Constantly looking for new challenges and new horizons, he prefers to deal with unconventional ideas and manage them independently and following his own attitudes.

The 18 years of experience in the tourism sector in New York allowed him to develop the know-how necessary to carry out a stimulating project, but as complex as BEEYOND TRAVEL.

BeeYond Travel, our goal

The goal is to guarantee only the highest quality.

Felice will be satisfied only when he has found properties and experiences to propose that reflect his standards. For this reason, he will only work with people who share his mission and his professionalism. 

In addition, Felice is also a photography enthusiast, so he chooses the photos of the properties. After all, the pictures put you in touch with the elements that will constitute your vacation. Before departure and sitting comfortably at home, in front of your PC. 

BeeYond Travel Tour Operator, living like the locals

To accompany you personally in planning your holiday in Puglia, Felice decided to follow the passion for this land and to reach the beaches of Salento he dreamed in New York.

He moved to Lecce in 2017 and for 2 years, he has been constantly looking for the best experiences. Here, he selected the best partners and he cultivated authentic relationships based on trust and respect…just like this rich territory.

He is often traveling between New York and Italy so he can truly continue to discover and offer you the best of this amazing region. 

Meet the BeeYond Travel Tour Operator
"Always There" Team

BeeYond Travel Tour Operator
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Amazing, really, it was amazing

5.0 rating
February 11, 2020

Never knew a travel agency can be this much knowledgeable about the location they offer, it’s almost like airbnb and you’re talking to the owners about their place. Super nice, super helpful but can I just repeat how knowledgeable they are – ask them anything lol. We used them for our honeymoon and couldn’t be happier. They even coordinated with the hotel to send us a bottle, i mean how nice is that?

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