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Protect your
travel investment

We always say that traveling is for sure among the best investments in yourself. As such, why wouldn’t you want to protect it? 

Protect it for a fraction of the
trip cost

We partnered with the best travel insurance company.

The peace of mind with Travel Insurance

How many times have you said: “Thank you but I don’t need insurance”!

You are so convinced because everything is perfect and nothing can go wrong, well…until the unexpected happens. It is only then that you realize the importance of the travel insurance because often you are after a great deal with no refunds policy or because you are too close to the date to cancel. Without insurance you would loose all the money.

We care about you and . we want you to start looking at travel insurance like a necessity more than an extra expense. When you think about vacation, you also have to think about travel insurance because of course everything will be ok, but the moment it’s not, you are covered. 

Travel insurance is an affordable option to protect your trip expenses, medical expenses that could occur during your trip, and your personal belongings. You are making a wise decision when you buy a travel insurance plan. 

If a sudden illness prevents you from taking the trip of a lifetime, this plan can help protect you from losing everything you spent on your trip

If you’re concerned you will need to cancel for work reason, consider adding this benefit to the plan. This option adds work-related covered reasons for the trip cancellation benefit.

You packed important items in your luggage! We can help replace them if they are stolen, lost, or damaged during your trip.

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