Company Values

Why BeeYond Travel

In such competitive world, were words are used to win customers, we operate in a very old fashion way; take note because this is the only thing old fashion about BeeYond Travel. We operate with facts and actions so we wanted to share a glimpse of our world to allow you to make the most educated decision when time comes to travel weather for business or for leisure 


We understand we can be different from many other Tour Companies and this is normal because we have not created BeeYond Travel copying any other company. That is why when designing our website, we did it in such way to reflect exactly who we are and what we do for you.


Doing the right thing goes a long way! This is what we believe. We are not for everyone and we like to think that when we say no, we don’t loose business, instead, we gain a BeeYond Travel ambassador because the “No” is not a refusal but our way of looking after our Travelers interests. Stating we can provide a villa for 30 people for instance when in reality our biggest property can accommodate up to 26 people is something we stay away from.


The travel business requires years of trial and error followed but continuous research and keeping up with the times. Our brand was created taking inspiration from the Bee, a laborious, tireless insect so we create packages the same way the bee builds the hives: like a maniacal architect.

One Team

You want to know exactly what happens every step of the way and that is why we are not hiding behind an email. You want the name of the person you can always count on for anything before, during and after the trip, so as the orchestrator of everything in our boutique company, Felice Zumbo is the name you are looking for.


Being among the best, means to stay always a step ahead, being able to look around the corner and anticipate what may happen. We started with the humble concept “We do not know everything”, this concept is our reminder to learn each day, even when we know we are prepared because in this business everything moves very fast. While our biggest asset is our experience, our biggest tool is technology! You want to know about your vacation so a complex set of web tools integrated with our systems, allow us to move fast, precise and virtually reducing to zero human errors.


Isn’t this what you are looking for? There are the “Tourist Traps” and there are BeeYond Travel locations because faking an experience is not what we are going after. Deciding to go on vacation is much more than booking tickets, staying in hotels, taking pictures and returning home. Our concept of Luxury Vacation is the one that makes you richer because the welcoming of the people, the amazing food often cooked with ancient recipes, the village life and everything else we call vacation, it cannot be faked.