Premium Air Tickets Fares

Premium Air Tickets Fares

Air Tickets for First, Business & Premium Economy class at the best prices.

Premium Air Ticket Fares 

Some serious business!

Consequently, when it comes to Premium Air Tickets Fares, things can get complicated.

Terms as “Illegal connection”, “advance purchase”, “ticket limit”, “bulk Seats”, “Codeshare”, “Segment”, “Layover”, “Net Fare”, “PNR”, “Stopover”, “Airfare”, “Excess Baggage”, “Overbooked”, “Open Jaw”, “Penalty Fare”, and “Segment”

In short, you might may familiar with some above, but you wouldn’t if you rely on a knowledgeable travel company.  Our experience in the Travel business allows us to negotiate the best fares for you, based on your needs and thanks to our relationship with the airlines and best resellers.

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In short: No!  When we look for the best airfares we may need to make the reservation without any obligation on your part to quote a great deal. For this purpose, we need names as per passports and sometimes even a small mistake on the name means stiff fees or even losing that greate airfare.

Yes! For instance, we have access to fares not available to the public. We even have access to special fares only available if bundled in a Tour.

Not always! For instance, in order to be sure, you need to make the reservation AND pay for the tickets immediately. Only once you get a ticket number, you are guaranteed that price.

Yes and No! On the other hand, we can hold a reservation but the airline can take the seat or change the fare until an actual ticket is issued. With this in mind, on special occasions, depending on fare and airline, we may be able to issue the ticket and guarantee that great fare but we cancel within 24 hours without any cost to you. 

No! That is to say the paper tickets are obsolete. Airlines now issue E-Tickets which can be printed as real tickets.

No! Generally, business class tickets is our specialty, but we can also book First or Premium Class. The latter is not well known but is available on certain airlines and it is a good option between business and economy class for those who like more comfort on board, priority boarding, etc. Premium Economy class is generally a more reasonable price. At present time, unfortunately we are unable to assist with any economy class ticket needs.

Simple! At the bottom of the page, you will find a form with all the information we need to provide a fast and accurate quotation.

Terms vary depending on many factors. However, we will always provide you all details with any quotation or invoice like cancellation fees, date change, flight change, etc.

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Premium Air Tickets Fares by BeeYond Travel
Premium Air Tickets Fares and Passport by BeeYond Travel

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Fill out the form. This will provide us the info we need

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We get to work after all your info via the secure form is received.

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We'll reach out to you with the best quotation and terms.

Fourth Step

We'll call you to make sure you have received the quotation and go over any questions you may have.

Fifth Step

Once you're ready to book your tickets, we'll send you a secure payment form.

Final Step

We will issue tickets and email your e-ticket. Our service ends once you have safely returned home however.

BeeYond Travel Premium Air Tickets Fares
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We highly recommend you upload passport pictures with this form even if it may be only for a quotation as we’ll double-check your input. If you rather not, we ask you to list the names of all passengers in the comments box using one line per name indicating Mr or Ms followed by the exact name per passport. Please note BeeYond Travel will not be held responsible if names are not spelled as per passports.